Dine to Donate Events

The Dining to Donate program provides an opportunity to raise money and host a fun night for your organization or local cause.

We need 1 person (over 18) in charge of the event from your organization. A name and contact information will be required. This person will be responsible for date selection of the event and for picking up the donation check from Pilot Pete’s.


  • You may choose Monday through Thursday for your event, schedule it with a Pilot Pete’s manager and sign the event sheet. We will also need a copy of your “not-for profit” organizational charter for our tax purpose.
  • You may use our general “Dine To Donate” flyer or create your own with the same information and your organization logo.
  • Flyers may be past out to organization members and their families PRIOR to the scheduled event. Please do not pass out flyers on the day of the event on Pilot Pete’s property may cause a penalty deduction or forfeit the entire donation. Unfortunately this was added because some organizations in the past have abused our charitable nature.
  • The flyer must be turned into your server at the time of payment along with a copy of your bill in order to receive credit for the donation. Once you’ve left the building you may not return with a flyer to apply to your bill.
  • Although groups may request sitting in the same section when booking the event, it is not necessary to receive the donation. Pilot Pete’s cannot grant all seating request.
  • 20% of Pre-Taxed Discounted bill will be donated by Pilot Pete’s to your organization.
  • Your donation check will be ready for pick up on the second day after your event. However, we will hold all checks for up to 7 days, after that the donation check will be void unless prior arrangements are made to pick up the check after the 7 days. The check will be made out to the organization the event is for.
  • We prefer to limit "D2D" events to 4 per year for each organization. However, we are open to discuss on going planned events.
  • It is the contact person’s responsibility to pass on the enclosed information to all involved with the organization.